Covid-19 Safety


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We’ve all felt the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and together we’ve all had to make real changes to protect each other’s health and safety.

As a performing artist I’ve also adjusted how I book and perform my shows to keep live entertainment safe and fun in these pandemic times – here’s how:


– I’m booking shows only where permitted under current provincial regulations, following the regional restrictions and reopenings in Ontario.

– I’m keeping up to date on the ever-changing regulations per region (maximum numbers of people permitted, venue close times, etc) and I make sure that my bookings are meeting requirements.

– I’m accepting bookings only with venues and organizers who are staffed/equipped to maintain full Covid-19 protocols, and who provide a dedicated stage area (restaurants/nightclubs/lounges, wedding halls/event spaces, professional party/event/entertainment organizations, etc).

– For the time being I’m not booking any shows in homes, backyards, apartment units, condo party rooms, retail or office spaces, etc – so sorry for now but we will get back to those private parties in future!

– I’m currently only booking single-set shows without costume changes or wait times between sets.


– I’m keeping my performances physically distanced and not inviting people to join me on the dance floor – but all are welcome to dance in place at the tables and chairs!

– Even from the stage area I still perform a very engaging, interactive live show – I know how to bridge distance with direct personal connection and genuine smiles, and I accent my dancing with props that can be seen well from further away.

– I wear a face mask onsite whenever I’m not on the stage – upon arrival, backstage, and after my show until I leave the venue.

– I may wear a performance mask onstage where necessary – my performance masks are custom designed to complement and enhance costuming while upholding safety standards.

– Online shows are a new way to catch me in performance – plug in to my social media to stay updated on my appearances in online streaming dance shows and creative video projects.

As the current situation continues to evolve I’m staying flexible and adaptable to respond to changes.  Contact me for further details – I can help you make sure requirements are being met while still bringing the fun to your party!

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