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For the last 15 years I’ve been working professionally as a classical bellydancer and I love my job!  I get to help people celebrate their happiest occasions, big and small.  I get to create magic as a performer on the live entertainment, wedding, nightlife, and party circuit.  I get to connect with local and area Middle Eastern communities and share in the beautiful cultural heritage of celebrating with music and dancing.  Most of all, as a bellydancer I get to bring joy into people’s lives – there’s no better job than that!



I specialize in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and regional Middle Eastern dances, but my real specialty is making parties personal.  I build relationships with people and venues, discover their vision for their weddings, special celebrations, family events, and entertainment nights – and I bring it all to life onstage.  Every show I dance is customized and personalized, from costume style and colour theme to requests for live music, props, favourite songs, culture, vibe and more – I make even the planning stage fun!

As an established artist I’ve cultivated a strong connection with Arabic music and have a gift for feeling and sharing it from my heart.  Live music is my passion!  There’s nothing I love more than bringing that live energy of moment, music, and people together.  I have hands-on experience dancing a wide range of traditions from across the Middle Eastern world, and I match it all with each audience, infusing my shows with authenticity both to the culture and to my own style.  My dancing is deeply personal – expressive, natural, magnetic, elegant, feminine, free-spirited, and fun!  I dance with my full heart, every single show.



Over the years I’ve performed at countless public and private events, ranging from intimate family gatherings to party crowds in the hundreds.  I’ve danced at every type of event imaginable – wedding celebrations and engagement parties, henna nights and bridal showers, zaffah processions, Middle Eastern nightclubs and restaurants, shisha lounges, corporate functions, galas and charity fundraisers, birthday bashes, anniversaries, ladies’ nights, family and holiday parties, cultural events and street festivals – any kind of event that includes bellydancing, chances are I’ve danced it!

Years of experience performing regularly in the field have kept me current, creative, and versatile, able to hold the floor and handle any crowd.  I’m very comfortable working together with other dancers, musicians, DJs, event planners, venue owners and other entertainment professionals to make each event a success.  I care about my private clients and work closely with each to make the best party possible, whatever the occasion.  Entertainment is a word-of-mouth business, and the personal touch I bring is reflected in ongoing referrals and repeat bookings.

The most important show is always the one I’m dancing right now, and no matter how big or small the performance I do my very best to make everyone feel special and well taken care of.



I learned from some of the best, and I’m extremely thankful that my formative training came from these highly accomplished experts in the field of Middle Eastern dance:

  • I got my foundation from the legendary Badia Star, who made me fall in love with the dance from day one, introduced me to the richest Arabic music, and grounded me in authentic movement and folk traditions.
  • I continued intensive study with performance powerhouse Hannan Sultan, who nurtured in me strong professional development, disciplined technique, and command of the stage.
  • I deepened my training with native Egyptian folklore specialist Nada El Masriya, who taught me how to dance with an Egyptian accent and gave me invaluable cultural insight and context both on and off stage.
  • I’ve further enriched my dance education over the years through intensive workshops taught by Egyptian dance masters including Aida Nour, Randa Kamal, Lubna Emam, Nesrin Bahaa and many others.

I’m forever grateful to these excellent dancers, teachers and mentors for their experience, knowledge, insight, and inspiration. 



For many years I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of teaching classes in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian Folklore, as well as private lessons and individual mentorship:

  • From 2006-2014 I was a core faculty member with Hannan’s Bellydance Studio / Egyptian Dance Academy in Toronto Ontario, teaching multiple weekly classes and specialty workshops while also performing as a soloist in the entertainment agency.
  • From 2007-2010 I was a lead dancer in Rhythm Of The Nile / Egyptian Dance Company, and assistant directed the dance company’s 2009 stage production Ayyam Zaman.
  • Through 2010-2014 I served 2 years each as troupe manager, choreographer, and mentor for Egyptian Dance Academy’s Student Troupe and Folklore Troupe.
  • Since 2014 I’ve made appearances teaching and performing for various studios, including creative innovators Dragonfly Dance in Toronto and Mahasti in Hamilton.
  • In 2014 I relocated to Hamilton Ontario and have since been offering independent small class instruction, private lessons and coaching from my home studio and online by request.

In all my teaching I pay forward the dance wisdom that was passed on to me, and I share the best of what I know to every dancer who comes to me for instruction and insight, no matter what their level.



I post regularly to my social media with current photos, video clips, online projects and more – follow me on IG and FB to keep up to date with the latest about me and my dance world!